World Equine Services provides not only hauling to the airport and the air-transportation, but also regulates and supervises the veterinary health certificates.

Import and export requirements vary by country and even by continent. WES is always up to date with the latest changes in this respect. Thus we are able to provide our customers at any time with a tailored advice concerning the requirements for blood and CEM testing, required documentation and quarantine arrangements, demanded by the country of destination. Only when we are certain that the results of all tests are negative, we continue with the export procedure.

Intermediary for top breeders
World Equine Services is located in the Southern part of the Netherlands. A relatively small area, but with a remarkably high concentration of top breeders. Breeders from the region breeded a lot of champions. The central location in the Southern part of the Netherlands, only a few kilometers from the border with Belgium and Germany, has also achieved close partnerships with breeders and traders from these neighbouring countries.

Since World Equine Services has strong ties with this select network of top breeders, we saw opportunities to extend our service to our customers by concentrating on sending frozen horse semen. This is well-known and popular throughout the whole world, from Amsterdam to Barcelona, and from Hannover to Johannesburg or Sao Paulo. WES offers this extra service by order of approved stations for Artificial Insemination in the Netherlands and Belgium. For this special service we cooperate with reputable airlines worldwide.

We treat every order with the utmost care, regardless of the number or variety that we carry. However, an order can be ever more challenging, when dealing with horses with a special origin or function. In this context WES provides regular transportation of Baroque-horses from Spain and Portugal with destination Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. The import and export of polo horses participating in events in Europe and South America is also entrusted to WES.